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My name is Susan Salam

Understanding your child's development shouldn't be a challenge. You should feel supported and confident in raising your child.

When I became a mother, I realized how isolating and frustrating it can feel to do the "right thing" for your child. My appreciation for the uniqueness each family possesses deepened.

Father and Son Playing

Child Led
Family Focused

Through over 12 years of diverse speech therapy experience I gained an expertise in child development, functional communication, play strategies and sensory integration. But I realized the direct client care model limited my impact. I want to compile my knowledge to support your family's journey. And I am tired of putting clients on waitlists...

Months, even years, on waiting lists without any answers, strategies or guidance is not fair.


Together, we can put together an actionable plan for your family, in conjunction with any services you are currently receiving.

Developmental Consultations

Game Playing Pieces


Are you ready?

Schedule a 15 minute introduction call for free. We can go over your concerns and ensure you get the most out of your child developmental consultation package.


Virtual or Phone Meeting

Book a time you are able to discuss these concerns. I will send forms to gather information. Have your questions ready and let's figure this out together. Let's give you the confidence you deserve in raising your child.


Follow Up

After our meeting, you will receive an actionable plan for you to implement immediately. It will be personalized for your family's priorities and daily struggles.

As needed, you can schedule additional follow up meetings to continue growing your confidence. 

Are you ready to schedule?

Fill out the form below and I will reach out to you for scheduling.

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