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Thank You
Loudoun County!

After over 3 years of business here in Loudoun County, my journey calls me elsewhere. Thank you for all of your support and patronage through the years!

Let's Play!

Speech Therapy

Experienced. Certified. Knowledgeable. Fun

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Children and parents agree, Ms. Susan of Let's Play Speech Therapy uses a fun approach when building communication skills.

By focusing on connecting and engaging with others, your child will accelerate and generalize his progress even after the session is over.

Learn more about Susan...

Thank you for bringing out the best in our son.
I wish I could play with Ms. Susan for 100 more minutes!
Teacher & Student


With Let's Play Speech Therapy's in-home evaluation process, we determine your child's specific strengths and challenges related to communication and create a plan of care.

Nursery Play


Let's Play Speech Therapy's family-centered sessions come to you; in your home, favorite playground or other special place. Together, we improve your child's communication through play and daily routines.

Railroad Set


Is your child struggling to tell you what he or she wants? Let's Play Speech Therapy specializes in developing alternative communication methods for children who are considered functionally non-verbal.

Juicy Bite


Does your child struggle with sensory feeding challenges? Let's Play Speech Therapy can help! Together, we can work to help expand your child's diet using Evidence Based Practices.

Father and daughter at computer


The ways speech therapy services are  provided are changing and I'm excited to offer telepractice sessions through my client portal. All sessions are done live, with interactive materials and a HIPAA compliant video feed.

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