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Augmentative-Assistive Communication

All children communicate, however some of our children are not able to functionally communicate in a verbal manner, or perhaps they are not able to be understood by their neighbors, caregivers and peers. This can occur for children diagnosed with apraxia, autism, cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome and several others.

For these children, we develop a communicate system that works for them. Just as each child's mouth looks different, every communicate system is different. Some children use picture cards, while others may use dedicated speech generating devices (SGDs), and most use a combination of methods- just like we do!

An AAC evaluation involves device trials and demonstrations. It is recommended, although not required, that your child is also enrolled in speech therapy with Let's Play Speech Therapy prior to an AAC evaluation in order to establish a "friendship" or rapport, which allows the speech-language pathologist to best understand your child's abilities. 

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