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COVID-19 Response

During this unprecedented time, we need to find ways to adapt and live through our local pandemic response.


With Let's Play Speech Therapy, the following procedures and protocols are taking place to protect your family's health:

Virtual Sessions



Virtual sessions are offered in 15 minute intervals to allow for contactless speech services.



During in-home sessions, your speech pathologist will be wearing a face mask with a clear window. Gloves will also be worn on a case-by-case situation.

Hand Hygiene


Hand sanitizer and good hand washing procedures will be used before and after sessions. If needed, this will also occur during sessions.


Your speech pathologist will not be bringing a toy bag into the session. Any materials that go into your home will be cleaned with the appropriate sanitizer and UV light before and after the session. 

Many of the children I serve are immunocompromised or have family members who are. In order to ensure their health along with my own,

I require you to also adhere to the following:

Symptom Check

If any member of your household is sick, running a fever or had contact with someone who was infected with COVID-19, you must cancel your appointment or change it to a virtual session.

Failure to cancel will result in immediate end to the session and a $50 charge.

Cancellation policy for COVID symptoms will not be enforced at this time.




During in-home sessions, any family member who is within 6 feet of the speech pathologist is required to wear a mask. 

Hand Hygiene




Good hand washing procedures, adequate and timely wiping of noses, and other hygiene expectations will be held.




To reduce the risk of contamination, your speech pathologist is not bringing toys inside your house. 


Please have toys and activities planned and ready.


Outdoor activities are preferred, weather permitting.


I also understand how the use of face masks can hinder the therapeutic process in many ways. To help your child know who to expect, here is a picture of me, in my "Mama Fox costume". 


I hope that by making my PPE festive and fun, it will help alleviate fears. I also hope that by providing clear expectations prior to our session, it will help you and your child feel safe.  

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