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A Recipe for Fun - Cooking up Language in the Kitchen

Mealtimes nourish more than just our stomachs. It's a time for us to provide for each other as a family, build connections and bond as we catch up about our day and share some delightful food. It only makes sense that cooking and sharing a meal are two of my most highly recommended language developing tasks.

Let's think about the act of cooking. What do you need? First, you need your cooking supplies. What a perfect way to start a treasure hunt! Where is the bowl? Which spoon should I use, the big or the small? Who took my measuring cup? What is that thing called to flip the pancakes; I forgot!

After you assemble the supplies, now you need a recipe, or a "group plan", to follow. This is how we teach and build joint attention; through a shared and motivating task. Your recipe also teaches sequencing and "first, next, last" concepts. While mixing and combining, it may be fun to give each child a job to complete so everyone is working at the same time.

While assembling your recipe, you can easily incorporate quantitative and qualitative concepts with textures, colors, shapes and smells. Did I pour in enough milk? Maybe I need a little more. Oh no! Was that too much? Oops! How did that egg change the flour? It went from soft to sticky! Feel how the oven is getting warmer? Careful, soon it will be hot!

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, we're making Four Leaf Clover Hummus in the video below. You can find the recipe here along with other healthy green-theme treats.

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