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Fun Friday Idea: Diversity

Next week, I will post my insight on the importance of including diversity in your play themes and a few additional ways you can incorporate and learn about other cultures, perspectives and differences. Today, I just want to beg you to get the ball rolling on it. You will not have all the answers, but that is how you will grow with your child. That is how you will explore. I'm not asking you to right all the wrongs, I'm not asking you to make the world perfect; I'm simply suggesting that you foster curiosity. I'm wondering if part of the reason every generation needs to grapple with issues of racial inequality is because the generations before us never encouraged that curiosity about an experience outside of our own. We can end that here, with our children, we can focus on appreciating what we have, understanding what others lack, and how to build a bridge between the two. Just as systemic reform starts at our local levels, generational change start in our homes.

This week, let's get into some diversity discussions through writing and crafts. Together we can start to build a foundation that will help end the mindset that allows racism and oppression to continue. You can find the PDF mentioned in the view here.

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