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Fun Friday Idea: Juneteeth Flag Fans

Happy Juneteenth!

"Juneteenth is a day of reflection, a day of renewal, a pride-filled day.  It is a moment in time taken to appreciate the African American experience.  It is inclusive of all races, ethnicities and nationalities - as nothing is more comforting than the hand of a friend." -www.Juneteenth.com

Let's celebrate this day together by learning more about this important day in American history. Visit these websites here to learn more information:

Juneteenth is often celebrated with feasts and families. Here are a few recipes to get you inspired as you reflect...

Don't feel like making your own feast? Well, EatOkra has an app that let's you find a local Black owned restaurant to serve up some deliciousness. You can find it here!

Don't let the fun stop there! Juneteenth also involves parades and dancing. Be sure to turn up the music and march to the rhythm for your very own parade. Try making these flags to wave through the air as you go.

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