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Fun Fridays are Back!

Hey everyone!

Fun Fridays are back! With a well-rested mind and a new perspective on life, I'm returning to our weekly installments of play-related insights, tips and fun activities. Muki made sure to make her appearance today as well; letting you all know she is okay following her bladder surgery and ready to play, too!

This week, I'm kicking things off with an explanation into Joint Attention. This foundational skill develops early on in our infancy and most all other skills rely upon it to some degree, especially communication and language. Did you know there are even different types of joint attention? Wait, what! Check it out and learn more about this crucial ability.

And while I might still have you attention, let me brag a touch and show you some of our amazing wedding photos taken by the marvelous Captured Moments by Melodie in Fredericksburg, VA

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