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Object-Based Play

After we've discovered how our body likes to move, we turn our attention to the world around us! This world is full of fun laws with cause and effect. By exploring these rules, our children learn to recognize patterns in them and then predict what should come next based on past experiences.

A ball is a common object that we first encounter through play. I like to encourage this by putting a ball in the child's way, such as on a swing or on the floor. This requires the child to acknowledge a new item and either move it away or figure out what to do with it. Balls are also an excellent example of a conversation! When you go to throw a ball, you need to look and pay attention to the intended recipient; then you need to wait to get it back! Your eyes are on the ball or on the person with the ball; you're demonstrating joint attention along with turn taking skills.

In the video below, I will provide you with more object-based play activities to try with your child.

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