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Did you know that children learn best through play and natural experiences?

Let's Play Speech Therapy incorporates the latest research in play, learning styles and problem solving in order to improve retention and motivation. Also, Parent participation is key! This ensures that you feel confident in helping your child reach his or her full potential; even after your session ends.

Children diagnosed with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders & PDD NOS, sensory processing disorder, Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, stuttering; among others. Your child's therapy sessions will be geared towards their goals and plan of care that was developed during the evaluation process with input from you and your child when possible.

Looking to find out more information about what a speech-language pathologist does? Check out our website here!

Nursery Play


In Home

During home sessions, we work together to improve your child's independence and communication skills. 45 and 60 minutes are most common durations.


During virtual sessions, we work collaboratively through Google Meet. Some sessions may use a "coaching" approach where you are told how to help. Some sessions may use a direct approach with the child. Most sessions will be a mix of both. 30 or 45 minute durations are most common.


Consultation services are package based and depend on your specific concerns. There is no direct child instruction, however there is a significant amount of coaching and detail provided. Please see Consultation for more information.

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