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Happy New Year!

Okay, we're two weeks in, it's a little late for the Happy New Year post, isn't it?

That's how we're running here these days; getting it done... eventually. One thing I never realized was exactly how much patience being a stay at home mom would be. In the past year especially, I learned things about myself on a far deeper level as our child continues to gain independence and develop her own opinions and ideas. I even caught a spark of triangular thinking the other night that had me raise an eyebrow. As a professional, I was able to have complete control of my schedule and even my thoughts. It wasn't too challenging to find a way to block something or someone out. I had autonomy in every aspect. Even when Tiya was younger and I was still working part time, I had my hours of freedom. As a fulltime, stay at home toddler mom? There is none of that!

Of course, I love and cherish it, which is exactly why some of the other responsibilities on my list get negotiated around and done... eventually. Like these thoughts; like this post.

I love my professional career and my "job". At times, I feel lost without that aspect of my life still thriving. More times, I just feel like I want to contribute a little bit again, keep my feet in the water some. After brainstorming, vision boarding, and soul searching, I'm trying to conjure up a way to be different than the rest of the voices I hear out there. I enjoy the SAHM life; my brain is full of SLP knowledge and experience...

Over time, I expect this blog and my social media outlets to morph into free play inspiration for parents out there. I'm annoyed by how many accounts tell you what to do, use clickbait and other tactics for shares, comments and likes. I want to provide free ideas to you. I want to create a space where we share the diverse ways we are challenging our children to think more, play more, do more. We can integrate research and best practices, embrace neurodiversity and build community.

One day, I may return to a caseload. Spending this time with my daughter is what my spirit needs and if I can spread enthusiasm about parenthood and play along the way; wonderful!

Just for fun, I'm opening a merch store. If you truly love my ideas, feel free to purchase something from here as a little token of appreciation. I'll be adding items as I design them.

Last thing, as a question to all of you... would a Facebook group, created by me, centered around at home play with a developmental theme be of interest to you? Let me know in the comments.

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