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Is a Child Developmental Consultation right for you?

You've called every developmental therapist in town for your child; speech, OT, play... and you're told "I'll put you on our waitlist. It'll be 3-6 months." over and over again. The school has turned you down because your child is able to "access the curriculum", or maybe your child is not in school yet. You watch your child around other children and it pains you to see them shy away, struggle and "give up". You feel helpless as all the "professionals" aren't there and you just want to help your child flourish.

I was that therapist; telling families "I cannot help, I can put you on my waitlist." to the point where it became my voicemail greeting. I felt like I was shutting the door to so many and only providing my support to a fraction of those who needed it. Becoming a mother myself, I realized how frustrating it is to be willing to do the work but not receiving any guidance from those who know.

For my family, the struggle was sleep. We were blessed with a "low sleep needs" baby and the dark circles under my eyes prove it. Even as a pediatric expert myself, I needed help. I needed answers. I needed a plan. I called a sleep consultant and discovered a whole new world of opportunity! Together, we used her expertise in sleep with my expertise in my child and put together a plan for our success. It wasn't easy; it put a lot of responsibility on me, but it gave me the power I had been looking for.

This had me thinking... can I use this model to give parents that power as well? Certainly!

You know your child. You have the rapport needed and the tools for success right at your fingertips. I can use my expertise to guide you. Sure, get on all the local waitlists! A consultation may not replace or eliminate the need for direct services. But it can give you a better understanding of your child's development and what to do in your daily lives to support their success.

I am offering free 15-minute phone or Google Meet calls to discuss this approach. I am happy to answer questions and put together a custom package for you. This is a new style, tailored for your family and it will give you the power for success!

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This is a wonderful idea! Definitely fills a huge need for families!!

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