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Fun Friday Idea for the Fourth of July

Today, I'm heading into my backyard for a fun carnival-inspired game called United We Stand!

All you need is some string or ribbon, a stick, a small hoop, a hula hoop or two, some bottles and a steady hand!

First, set up your sticks by tying the ribbon to the stick and then to the hoop. I used an old masking tape ring. Next, lay our your hula hoops or draw circles on the pavement to designate where the bottles will go. Then, than lay some bottles. If you have different size bottles, have you kids decide which ones are worth more points. Ask them why certain bottles should be worth more points! If you really want to make this a teamwork game, have the child holding the stick wear a blindfold. Now this child has to listen to the others' instructions on how to stand the bottle up.

The object of the game can be whoever stands the bottle up the fastest OR whoever gets the most bottles standing. Let your children decide the rules!

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